Find Your Supervisor

This page is an English translation of the 2013 version of the guidance to choose your supervisors. The system has been the same since then. Visit this page for the latest list of the facutly members who accept students.

In the Atmosphere-Ocean and Climate Dynamics course, we would like students to decide a research theme and research laboratory once they gain broad perspectives and knowledge. Therefore, in all our courses, the focus of the first semester of M1 will be on education. This page is based on reference materials provided for all M1 students before their research laboratories are decided, and it will be updated around June each year.

Atmosphere-Ocean and Climate Dynamics Course
Master’s Degree First Year Members:
Head of Education Youichi Tanimoto
Deciding a Supervisor

Until now students have focused on lecture-based study, but in the second semester, they must gradually start engaging in specialized study that is applicable for their master’s theses. Please choose your supervisor as the guide through this process. Attached below is information on each instructor’s specialties, the number of student openings, their stances on research and education, and research themes. If needed, please visit them in person for discussion.

There are several instructors in this course that are also managing other courses or majors, but this information does not concern students in this course and thus has not been included. However, please note that depending on the number of students they are supervising in the other courses or majors, the ‘available openings for students’ for this course may be low.

To avoid having too many cooks spoiling the broth, we ask each student to choose one instructor. However, instructors work together in many aspects of their research. From the instructor’s perspective, it is favorable to have a structure where free discussion with several instructors is possible with your supervisor as the core. Please consider that the research fields of each instructor will, in the future, expand through interaction with students and other researchers.

Even after students chose their supervisor, they may wish to change to a new supervisor as their specialized research progresses. This is possible provided the new supervisor gives consent.

★ Please decide a student facilitator to adjust the number of students ★

When there are too many students for an instructor, this could become great burden on the instructor and, moreover, potentially limits the amount of supervision each student will receive. This is not a favorable situation for students or instructors. For that reason, when applicants exceed the “openings available for students,” it becomes necessary to adjust the number of students per instructor. We will have students perform this task. Please decide one person (by mid-June) to act as facilitator to adjust these numbers. Once this is decided, please inform Tanimoto.

★ Please make adjustments via a student facilitator ★

Please have the facilitator work with students to adjust the numbers and have him/her inform Tanimoto of the results.

When students’ applications are focused on certain instructors, adjustment may become difficult. Therefore, if your first choice of a supervisor has many applicants, please also consider your 2nd and 3rd candidates.

★ The deadline is Friday, July 19 ★

This is the deadline for the students’ response to instructors once all adjustments have been made. If all the decisions for M1 students have been reached earlier than this deadline, please contact us at that time. We will try to get confirmations from the instructors as early as possible, so you can receive supervision from their chosen supervisors quickly.

We would like the student facilitator and Tanimoto to discuss specific steps and schedule of internal adjustments.

Information on Professors (random order)

Humio Mitsudera
Keiichiro Ohshima
Tsutomu Watanabe
Tomonori Sato
Genta Mizuta
Teppei J. Yasunari
Yoshihiro Nakayama
Masayuki Kawashima
Tomohiro Nakamura
Masatomo Fujiwara
Shigeru Aoki
Naoto Ebuchi
Hiroyuki Tomita
Youichi Tanimoto
Yasushi Fukamachi
Takeshi Horinouchi
Takenobu Toyota
Atsushi Kubokawa