Opportunities for Studying Abroad

Hokkaido University’s Graduate School of Environmental Science offers various opportunities for studying abroad, and many students from our course have taken advantage of them.

One of these is the exchange that started with the University of Hawaii in the atmosphere-ocean physics field starting in 2007 as part of Hokkaido University’s inter-university cooperation and exchange project. There are opportunities for graduate students in this course to spend several months there under the supervision of their group of instructors (see below). Even for the master’s program, there are several opportunities to go abroad for fieldwork and observations, research presentations, etc.

In this course we hold intensive courses for master’s students twice a year, and in recent years, we have had a professor from the University of Hawaii teach one of these in English. Also, at the Graduate School of Environmental Science’s “International Antarctic Institute” we hold exchange lectures with Swiss and Australian universities. In this way, students can gain international experiences through lectures and interactions with visitors and international students even at the university.

If you are considering continuing into graduate studies and wish to learn more about opportunities for studying abroad, we recommend that you send an Email to the professors in this course or ask them directly by visiting their laboratories

Students and Junior Researchers who previously visited the University of Hawaii

The University of Hawaii is currently home to several world-renowned researchers in atmospheric and oceanic fields. Their International Pacific Research Center (IPRC) has a strong relationship with Japan and a team of instructors, researchers, and students that work hard and learn from each other. Since 2008, the following students from our course have studied abroad.

Time Period Name and the academic year during studying abroad. Supervisor Research Theme Report Study Abroad Program / Notes
Jan – Mar, 2008 Shunya Koseki (D3) Shang-Ping Xie Atmosphere-ocean Interaction for the Kuroshio Extension Region Here Internship at the University of Hawaii
Mar-Apr, 2008 Kunihiro Aoki(D3) Jay McCreary/Ryo Furue High Resolution Model of Oceanic Rossby Waves Internship at the University of Hawaii
Jan-Mar, 2009 Kouhei Yoshida(D1) Kevin Hamilton Impact of QBO on the tropical troposphere layer Global COE
Jun-Aug, 2010 Takatoshi Sakazaki (D1) Kevin Hamilton Daily Atmospheric Variations and Tides Here Global COE / Resided at the Colorado NCAR
Aug-Oct, 2010 Kazuhiro Ohshima (PD) Shang-Ping Xie Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction based on Warming Prediction Model Systematic international visits by young researchers
Jan-Mar, 2012 Kunihiro Aoki(PD) Jay McCreary Impact of eddy transport on the Kuroshio Extension Systematic international visits by young researchers
(*) In the academic year column, PD refers to post-doctoral, D1 refers to Doctoral 1st year, etc.