Voices from our students/graduates

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I was an international student at Hokkaido University from India. I finished my doctoral course at the Division of Environmental Earth Science. I had no prior knowledge of Japanese language when I arrived in Japan. But the office of Hokkaido University especially the Graduate school of Environmental Science was very helpful through out my study period with the office staffs conversing in English and helping in every official matters. A lot of advanced facilities were given to the students for conducting their research. The seminars in the division as well as in the respective research groups by the students, staffs and invited speakers were really helpful to widen our research outlook in different field of study. I had also experienced the classes which were taught in English during the course provided by International Antarctic Institute. These collaborative courses gave the students ample international exposure and instill confidence to do research any where in the world. Sapporo is a beautiful city with modern facilities and Hokkaido University is situated in the heart of the city with a beautiful campus. I had fulfilling experience both in personal and research front during my doctoral study at Division of Environmental Science.
(C.C. Bajish, Ph.D., Sep 2013; Now(soon) at York Univ., Canada)