Master’s Thesis Presentation

Master’s Thesis Presentation and Various Awards

  • In the course on Atmosphere-Ocean and Climate Dynamics, students will present their intention for their master’s theses in the first half of the second year of their master’s program (M2), and give a mid-term presentation in the second half. Following the submission of their master’s theses, all graduate students present their outstanding research results at the final presentation session held in February each year for all Earth System Science majors.
  • The Matsuno Memorial Thesis Award was established based on a generous donation made by Professor Taro Matsuno after he was awarded the Japan Academy’s Award during his tenure. It is awarded each year to the most outstanding master’s thesis.
  • The Numaguchi Thesis Award, named after the research of Associate Professor Atsushi Numaguchi, who sadly passed away in 2000, was awarded until 2005 for outstanding research that takes a multidisciplinary approach and integrates the fields of physics and chemistry. (Currently, the equivalent award is given to Environmental Science Development majors.)
  • Until 2005, this award was conducted for former Atmospheric and Oceanic Environmental Science majors.

List of Past Master’s Thesis Topics (in Japanese)