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2019.08.06 [Research] The collaborative research result by Tomonori Sato and Tetsu Nakamura was published in "Scientific Reports" and press released. The title is "Intensification of hot Eurasian summers by climate change and land-atmosphere interactions".

2019.07.16 [Info.] Nozomi Matsudera (the first year of the master's course) joined our laboratory.

2019.07.02 [Research] Daisuke Hatsuzuka presented "Future change in extreme precipitation associated with tropical cyclones in northern Japan" at the Hokkaido branch conference of the Meteorological Society of Japan.

2019.06.24 [Info.] AsiaPEX kick-off conference will be held from August 28 to August 30 in Hokkaido university. AsiaPEX is positioned as part of Prospective Asian Monsoon RHP (Regional Hydroclimate Projects) in GEWEX (Global Energy and Water Exchanges).

2019.06.20 [Research] The paper by Dogar Muhammad Mubashar Ahmad was published in "Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres". The title is "Regional Climate Response of Middle Eastern, African and South Asian Monsoon Regions to Explosive Volcanism and ENSO Forcing".

2019.06.17 [Info.] Dogar Muhammad Mubashar Ahmad joined our laboratory as a RONPAKU fellow under JSPS Ronpaku (Dissertation Ph. D.) Program.He is working as a Senior Research Scientist at the Global Change Impact Studies Centre, Islamabad, Pakistan.

2019.06.04 [Research] The paper by Hiroki Teramura was published in "SOLA (Scientific Online Letters on the Atmosphere)". The title is "Observed Evidence of Enhanced Probability of Mesoscale Convective System Initiations due to Land Surface Heterogeneity in Semiarid East Asia".

2019.05.30 [Research] Tetsu Nakamura presented "Climate memory of the Eurasian land process for the Arctic amplification" at Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2019.

2019.05.15 [Research] Daisuke Hatsuduka presented "Future changes in extreme precipitation associated with tropical cyclones around Japan using d4PDF" at 2019 MSJ Spring Meeting.

2019.04.09 [Info.] Anowarul Mohammad Islam (the first year of the doctor's course), Shixue Li, Yu Gao and Yuki Sato (the first year of the master's course) and Deokyoung Han (research student) joined our laboratory.

2019.03.25 [Info.] Five students from our laboratory (doctor’s course:1, master's course:4) graduated from Graduate School of Environmental Science. Their picture is here.

2019.03.25 [Research] The paper by Daisuke Hatsuzuka was published in "Journal of Hydrometeorology". The title is "Future changes in monthly extreme precipitation in Japan using large-ensemble regional climate simulations".

2019.03.07 [Activity] We hold a farewell party for laboratory members who graduate from the university on March. Wishing you a great future. The picture of the party is here.

2019.02.25 [Research] A research group including Dr. Koji Yamazaki and Dr. Tetsu Nakamura published the collaborative research result in "Geophysical Research Letters" and issued a press release.The title is "Interhemispheric Synchronization Between the AO and the AAO".

2019.01.13 [Research] The paper by Chinh Ta Huu was published in "International Journal of Climatology". The title is "Effect of ENSO phase on the contribution of environmental variables to tropical cyclone genesis in the western North Pacific".

2019.01.10 [Research] The collaborative research result with Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology(JAMSTEC) and Meteorological Research Institute was published in "Geophysical Research Letters" and press released. The title is "Precipitation changes in a climate with 2 K surface warming from large ensemble simulations by 60 km global and 20 km regional atmospheric models".

2019.01.10 [Research] The paper by Ahsan SM Habib was published in "Atmospheric Science Letters". The title is "Decreasing number of propagating mesoscale convective systems in Bangladesh and surrounding area during 1998-2015".

2018.12.17 [Research] Laboratory members presented at AGU Fall Meeting 2018 in Washington D.C.
  • Tomonori Sato: "Decreasing trend of mesoscale convective sysytems over South Asia revealed by 18 years of TRMM obseavation".
  • Tetsu Nakamura: "A comparison of the Arctic sea ice-climate impacts based on multiple sea ice concentration datasets".

2018.11.29 [Research] Kenta Tamura received "the Best Award" in the Award of Excellent Presentation of Students from the Conference of Snow and Ice Research. Congratulations! More information is found here.

2018.11.20 [Research] A research group including researchers from Hokkaido university published the collaborative research result in "Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. B1 (Hydraulic Engineering)" and issued a press release. The press release is here.

2018.11.02 [Research] Laboratory members presented at 2018 MSJ Autumn Meeting in Sendai.
  • Tomonori Sato "Climatology and interannual variation of propagating mesoscale convective systems in South Asia".
  • Tetsu Nakamura "A climate memory effect of Eurasian land processes associated with Polar warming".
  • Kenta Tamura "The response and mechanism of polar low genesis simulated over western offshore of Hokkaido Island: a sensitivity experiment with introducing modified lower boundary conditions".
  • Hiroki Teramura "Contribution of atmosphere and land conditions to the initiation of mesoscale convective systems over semi-arid region in northeastern Asia".

2018.10.01 [Info.] Jiao Yu, Shixue Li and Yu Gao joined our laboratory as research students.

2018.09.25 [Info.] Ahsan SM HABIB graduated from Graduate School of Environmental Science. The picture is here.

2018.09.11 [Info.] The 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake-
A strong earthquake struck southern Hokkaido last Thursday morning. A magnitude 6.7 earthquake was observed in Hokkaido Eastern Iburi.
I would like to offer my heartfelt sympathy to the people affected by this disaster.
All laboratory members are safe. Thank you for your concern.

2018.08.30 [Info.] Sato will deliver lectures at NHK culture school offering adult education classes. The main theme is "The mechanism of weather hazards and the latest technology of weather forecasts".

2018.08.03 [Activity] We had a party at the beer garden in Hokkaido unibersity; Celebration following the presentation of masters thesis for Ahsan-san and welcome party for Sawayanagi-san. The picture of the party is here.

2018.07.27 [Research] The paper by Enkhbat ERDENEBAT was published in Progress in Earth and Planetary Science. The title is "Role of soil moisture-atmosphere feedback during high temperature events in 2002 over Northeast Eurasia".

2018.07.23 [Info.] Motoharu Sawayanagi (the first year of the master's course) joined our laboratory.

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