Meteorology and climate researches including climate change, weather disasters, and their connection with human societies


2018.02.22 [Activity] We had a celebration following the presentation of masters thesis for M2 students, Wu and Matsushita .The picture of the party is here.

2018.02.16 [Info.] Matsushita, a second year master's student, won "the Excellence Award" at Photographic Contest 2017 in Graduate School of Environmental Science, Hokkaido University. The award-winning work can be found here.

2017.12.12 [Info.] Special issue gRegional Climate Modelinghof Atmosphere(ISSN 2073-4433)
This special issue calls for contributions, keywords are:
  • dynamical downscaling
  • regional climate change
  • atmosphere-land interaction
  • atmosphere-ocean interaction
  • mesoscale meteorological modeling
Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 September 2018 More information is here.

2017.12.12 [Research] Matsushita, a second year master's student, presented "Attribution of future change in frequency of tropical cyclone passage around Hokkaido region" at the Hokkaido branch conference of the Meteorological Society of Japan.

2017.11.14 [Research] Wu, a second year master's student, won "Kita no Kazahana" prize awarded by Hokkaido branch of the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice. The title is "Statistical analysis of winter season visibility observed at Japan Meteorological Agencyfs stations". More information can be found here.

2017.11.02 [Research] Dr. Nakamura made an invited presentation titled "Role of stratospheric processes on Arctic-middle latitude interactions" at the symposium "Arctic" in 2017 Autumn Meeting of the Meteorological Society of Japan.

2017.10.31 [Research] Laboratory members presented at 2017 Autumn Meeting of the Meteorological Society of Japan in Sapporo.
  • Dr. Erdenebat "Intense soil moisture-atmosphere feedback during high temperature event in 2002 in Northeast Eurasia".
  • Dr. Hatsuzuka "Future change in extreme monthly precipitation around Japan revealed by ensemble climate projection data".
  • Matsushita "Attribution of future change in passage frequency of tropical cyclone around Japan using ensemble climate projection data".

2017.10.31 [Research] Dr. Erdenebat presented "Soil moisture-atmosphere feedback enhances temperature during 2002 heat wave event in Northeast Eurasia" at Asian Conference on Meteorology 2017 in Busan.

2017.10.12 [Info.] The 48th mesoscale meteorological seminar and weather disaster committee meeting will be held on Sunday, October 29th. The theme is gTropical cyclones landed Tohoku and Hokkaido regions in 2016 and their implications on climate studiesg. More information is here.

2017.09.29 [Info.] Kevin Ray E. Lucas joined as a research student.

2017.09.25 [Info.] Radyan Putra Pradana graduated from Graduate School of Environmental Science. Pictures of the farewell party are here.

2017.09.24 [Research] A research paper, "Interannual and spatial variability of solar radiation energy potential in Kenya using Meteosat satellite" by Kariuki was accepted in Renewable Energy. Congratulations! This study was conducted under the support of ABE initiative program funded by JICA.

2017.08.09 [Research] Laboratory members presented at AOGS 14th Annual Meeting in Singapore.
  • Dr. Erdenebat "Abnormal Temperature Events in Northeastern Eurasia in the Summer of 2002 Under Different Wave Propagation Patterns".
  • Chinh "Tropical cyclone activities over the Western North Pacific during El Nino and La Nina events simulated by an axis-symmetric model".

2017.07.24 [Info.] Nobuhiro Ochiai, Hiroki Teramura and Yoshihito Higuchi, the first year master's students of division of Earth System Science, joined our laboratory.

2017.07.24 [Research] Dr. Hatsuzuka presented "Future change in extreme monthly precipitation around Japan revealed by ensemble climate projection data" at the Hokkaido branch conference of the Meteorological Society of Japan.

2017.07.07 [Research] The collaborative research result with Dr. Fujita (JAMSTEC) was published in Scientific Reports and press released. The title is hWater Vapor Content Increases Markedly with Increase in Air Temperature - Indication of the possibility of more intense precipitation -".

2017.07.03 [Research] Kamal won gthe Best Paper Awardh at the 14th International Conference on Electrical Engineering/Electronics Computer, Telecommunications and Information Technology. The title is "Performance analysis of short term electricity demand with meteorological parameters". He studied for 6 month in our laboratory under the support of PARE program. The photo of award ceremony can be found here.

Affiliation: Hokkaido University Faculty of Environmental Earth Science, Section of Integrated Environmental Science, Conservation on Natural Environments
Teaching: Division of Environmental Science Development, Course in Human and Ecological Systems, and Division of Earth System Science , Course in Atmosphere-Ocean and Climate Dynamics
Mail To: Tomonori Sato
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