We welcome international students who are willing to study environmental sciences, especially those related with meteorology, climatology, and climate change. Master or PhD students who have learned these disciplines in undergraduate are encouraged to join our research group to further deepen your knowledge on physical processes in regional climate systems across the world.

Another possible research topic for international students would be the development of new impact assessment model which can quantitatively evaluate the impact of climate change or weather-related influences (such as natural disasters) on specific sectors/activities of the human society, such as agriculture, river management, ecosystem management, human health, tourism, and anything which is potentially influenced by the climate or weather conditions. The development of seasonal weather forecasting system would be also feasible including its application for the better human societies.

Recently, a regional-scale climate projection under the enhanced green-house gas concentration is demanded in order to evaluate the risks of damages that may cause adverse effects on human and natural environments through physical or economic processes. A dynamical downscaling technique using a meteorological model helps investigate the future changes in regional climate in a target region, and this is what our group can study with you. If you are an expert in using impact assessment models, such as hydrological model, crop model, risk assessment model, etc., the research would be more convincing.

We strongly recommend students to learn our specialities (at our research papers list) before you contact us. After the vision of your research becomes clear, please send an e-mail to T. Sato with your research proposal.
To join our group, you must be enrolled in the Division of Environmental Science Development, Course in Human and Ecological Systems , or the Division of Earth System Science , Course in Atmosphere-Ocean and Climate Dynamics of the Graduate School of Environmental Science, Hokkaido University

In case you need financial support for staying in Japan, please consider for applying to the Japanese government scholarship funded by MEXT and other scholarship programs such as the special grant program of Hokkaido University.