Regional Climate Studies

We have studied the environmental sciences in Hokkaido, north Japan with particular emphasis on those related to the regional climate. Our research extends to exploring the relationship between climate and human activities. Shown below are some examples of the regional climate studies and impact assessment in Hokkaido, Japan which we have studied since 2009.

The oversea student may be able to take a similar approach to apply our knowledge to his/her country. Studies with agriculture and river models are also welcome.

Please also visit publication list to find further details on what you wish to work with us.

A discovery of long-term decline of fog
Role of sea ice on precipitation variability
Future prediction of winter climate and global warming
Historical land use change and regional climate
Evaluating the snow structure change under the global warming condition
Reduced snow cover/depth under the global warming
Local sea surface temperature warming caused precipitation increase in North Japan
A relationship between temperature and power demand
- Electric power demand forecasting -
How do you utilize the original weather forecast for better society?