PhD thesis which I supervised

Takeshi WATANABE: Connection between the Asian summer monsoon and the subtropics through the geopotential height anomaly over the western Tibetan plateau. (2013.03)

Yasuko OKADA: Climatological evolution and interannual variation of the Okinawa baiu. (2012.09)

Kohei YOSHIDA: Temperature changes in the tropical tropopause layer. (2011.03)

Yusuke UDAGAWA: A study of modulation in interannual sea-ice patterns in the Southern Ocean in association with large-scale atmospheric mode shift. (2010.03)

Kazuhiro OSHIMA: Seasonal variation of the atmospheric hydrologic cycle in polar regions and the relation with annular modes. (2005.03)

Jianyu HAN: The winter ozone minimum over the subtropical northwestern Pacific. (2005.03)

Masayo OGI: Impact of the Winter North Atlantic Oscillation on the Summer Atmospheric Circulation and Characteristics of the Summer Annular Mode. (2004.03)

Masanori NIWANO : Seasonal and QBO variatins of the mean meridional circulation in the equatorial lower stratosphere as inferred from UARS HALOE trace gas data.(2001.12)

Hiroaki HATSUSHIKA: Observational and modeling studies on the three dimensional structure of the tropical tropopause.(2001.09)

Dong-Il SEOL: Variations of Stratosphere-Troposphere Circulation Estimated by the Transformed Eulerian-Mean Formalism. (1998.09)

PhD thesis which I formally supervised

Naohiko HIRASAWA: Studies on synoptic-scale atmospheric transport into the Antarctic inland based upon in-situ observation. (2013.03)

Madan SIGDEL: Hydroclimatology of Nepal in relation to atmospheric circulations and indices. (2011.03)

Hiroshi KOYAMA: A study on the improvement of one-month forecasts using ensemble Kalman filter. (2010.06)

Nawo EGUCHI: A study of water vapor variation in the tropical upper troposphere. (2004.06)

Hiroshi TANIGUCHI: Physical interpretation of unstable modes of a linear shear flow in shallow water on an equatorial beta-plane. (2004.12)

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