A. Visiting Mongolia
-- August 2002
-- June 2003
-- August 2003

B. Climate in Mongolia
-- Time series of wind profile at Ulaanbaatar (a) (b)
-- pressure in Ulaanbaatar
-- temperature in UB
-- max and mean wind velocity
-- NDVI time series around Kherlen
------ seasonal variation (17-years average)
------ seasonal variation (early year)
------ seasonal variation (late year)
-- other images

C. Maps
-- topography around Mongolia
-- Meterological station IDs over Mongolia
-- stations in Kherlen river basin
-- meteo station and post in Mongolia
-- meteo post in Mongolia
-- meteo station in Mongolia
-- Soil temperature data available in Mongolia
-- precipitation tendency by CMAP, GPCP, local gauge
-- cut the image along country bouder of mongol ,script,bound data
-- grided upper kherlen river basin,bound data ,grid data